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Trees have their own rhythm of life

When we say that a tree is 20 years “old” in real terms, it has just grown from baby to toddler.
Trees can easily reach 400 years of age and then can officially be labelled as fully grown. That fact alone woke my curiosity, and as mentioned, after my studies to be a landscape gardener, I followed a further course to become an Aborist.

I’ve grown Box plants professionnally since 1986 in Holland, where the art of shaping by pruning became a test of patience.

Every year, I plant around 4000 shoots and since I’ve been in France have had to learn all over again since


everything here is different: the soil, temperature, the situations and the materials. But the “harvest” has been good this year and the first 100 box plants stand proudly in the ground. From now on, 4000 shoots will be planted each automn to be sold, 2 years later as small plants. Approximately 100 of these will take their own unique form and as soon as they take root, these are selected to “train” there natural forms even further.

Box plants can be planted pretty much the whole year round since they’ve grown in containers.

If you have a question or would like to order a particular type of Box plant, send me an email for information, without any obligation.


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